Autumn, and the approach of a long weekend, is the perfect time to tick a number of backyard mini-makeover projects off the to-do list.

Whether it’s updating the look of your backyard fence or refreshing the landscaping with new plants, a four day weekend provides plenty of time to make instantly noticeable improvements.

  1. It’s amazing what a fresh lick of paint can achieve, particularly to a tired looking fence. Update the backyard by giving the fence a new coating of paint across all boundaries. Consider drawing attention to one area of the backyard by creating a feature fence with decorative wall art or planting a beautiful vine to climb the fence.
  2. Creating a stylish outdoor haven can make the home a more enjoyable place for the whole family. If the revived backyard is being let down by a tired boundary fence, consider the benefits of investing in a new designer fence like SlimWall™. Installation is quick and easy, and doesn’t require heavy machinery or specialist trades. Ideal for the Easter long weekend, a SlimWall™ fence can be erected in as little as a day (pending the size of the fence).
  3. Build a cubby house for the kids or a dog house for the pooch. It can become a fun activity that involves the entire family, from sketching out the drawings to painting. Most parts can be found in the local hardware store, too. It’s also a good way of using up miscellaneous leftover materials or fence panels that may be lying around the backyard.
  4. Declutter your yard: remove unwanted items hanging around the patio, shed and other outdoor entertaining spaces. Leaves and debris can accumulate quickly in Australian backyards so sweep and hose down surfaces and remove weeds that can be slip hazards in between paving. Once dry, reposition the outdoor furniture and pot plants.
  5. Give your garden some TLC: mow the lawn, trim hedges and add colour with new seasonal plants or sow an edible garden. It won’t be long before the household can enjoy homegrown fruits, herbs and vegetables.

Designed by Nick Holden, who introduced Australia to the first modular wall system on ABC TV’s New Inventors program, SlimWall™ is proudly designed and manufactured in Australia. The panels are quick and easy to install making a new fence the perfect weekend DIY project.

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