Skills we are looking for in a PR account manager

  • a keen news sense and above average writing skills
  • excellent organisational skills
  • initiative and a can-do attitude
  • ability to work autonomously as well as contribute to the team
  • outgoing, friendly personality
  • consistent attention to detail
  • experience managing client PR budgets
  • a proven track record in delivering great results in a PR agency environment.

What we expect from our team

Deliver value to clients:

we pride ourselves on being a team of pro-active PR consultants who surpass our clients’ expectations every time.

Use the technology:

We have a host of custom-built systems that are there to help you do the best work you can.

Respect people:

In the professional services environment, is important to respect your clients, team, and yourself.
This leads to genuine relationships, a great work environment, and opportunities to learn and grow.

Embrace feedback:

Working at a PR agency means you will inevitably receive feedback. You need this to learn and improve, so always take it onboard with a positive attitude.

Get involved:

We love team members who bring their whole self to work every day, get stuck in with fresh ideas, demonstrate lots of energy, and are always willing to help out

Avoid office politics:

We are a team of professionals doing the best we can for our clients. While legitimate complaints will always be listened to, we have no time for office politics.

Enjoy your day:

Work makes up a large part of your week, so take the time to have fun and enjoy what you do. The clients we do the best work for are people we like. We also like their products and services and what they do in the market. On the other hand, clients who are bullies, don’t listen to our counsel (then argue about the results), or dispute our invoices constantly are value detractors and demoralise our team. We move those companies on, or they move themselves on. Finding amazing, lovely, energised staff who are great at their jobs is hard. We respect the work they do and back them every time.

What you can expect from us

Health and wellbeing:

Write Away has a huge focus on our team and their health and wellbeing both at work and at home. Every employee is offered a FitBit and can join regular workplace challenges (with prizes) or just do their own thing. We regularly bring in experts such dieticians and fitness experts, as well as lawyers, financial planners, and others, to share concepts and ideas to keep us all focused on our own health and wellbeing. We also subscribe to the NSW Government’s Healthy Workplace initiative, which offers all employees free online health assessments and a supported program of health and fitness activities.

Flexible workplace:

Many team members work flexible hours so they can fulfil parental or other carer duties. Our view is, as long as clients are happy, work is being done well, and engagement with our business is high, then where our employees choose to work is less important. However, it’s worth knowing that flexible work is agreed to on a case-by-case basis as not all roles will suit.

Remuneration and performance management:

Every employee sets goals, which they review with their manager regularly. Salaries are tied to meeting goals, 360-degree team feedback, and market rates. Recognition PR consistently pays equal to or better than industry benchmark salaries for all roles.

Personal technology:

All account teams work with the latest technology including smart phones and up-to-date ultrabook laptops to enable remote work.

Staying in touch:

We talk to our team all the time. We meet weekly as a team, and every employee has our employee comms app on their smart phone. This lets us share news across the group of companies about new clients, recent projects, staff news, and company news. We also use this app to ensure our staff on maternity or paternity leave or working remotely don’t miss out on the news.

Attitude is everything:

Attentive, focused, professional, courteous, and self-driven people are what we look for. We can teach the technical skills on the job but we can’t teach attitude. A positive problem-solver who can think on their feet and assimilate new information quickly is a great asset in our business.

Managers work for their staff, not the other way around:

A manager’s job is to clear the way for the rest of the team to do what they do best. They support team members and offer advice and experience to ensure the team is learning and growing around them. We review our managers regularly and they receive 360-degree feedback from their teams. It keeps everyone focused on the right things all the time.

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