Uniden has refreshed its line-up of award-winning Baby Watch baby monitors with the introduction of the innovative two-in-one Baby Watch BW3451R baby monitor. Offering a host of advanced and practical features, Baby Watch is ideal for parents of babies and toddlers.

With two-in-one functionality, Baby Watch performs as a standalone baby monitor and provides interactive opportunities thanks to a dedicated Baby Watch app that can be accessed using any iOS or Android smartphone or tablet device.

Designed to be exceptionally easy to set-up and use, Baby Watch can be taken out of the box and ready to use in a matter of minutes. The new Baby Watch BW3451R has a large 4.3 inch colour screen with video and audio display for crystal clear viewing and listening. The new Baby Watch has a pan and tilt camera that lets users pan, tilt and zoom the camera remotely. It is equipped with a built-in nightlight while a built-in microphone lets parents hear when their child may need attention. A walkie talkie function enables parents to communicate with people in other areas of the home while tending to their child.

Ideal for parents yearning to see loved ones while away from home, the Baby Watch app lets users logon remotely using any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet device. Unique to Uniden’s line of baby monitors, the new Baby Watch features a pan and tilt camera to control pan, tilt and zoom manoeuvres remotely via the Baby Watch app. Using the app, parents can also talk to their baby at any time through their smartphone.

A secure digital wireless solution, the portable Baby Watch can be effortlessly moved from room to room, transmitting crystal clear video and audio signals up to 150 metres. Giving further peace of mind to parents, Uniden’s digitally encrypted FHSS technology protects against eavesdropping and hacking from external sources.

Baby Watch also has infrared night vision for around-the-clock monitoring and a selection of lullabies to help soothe an unsettled baby. Other useful features include temperature display and temperature range alert which helps notify parents or caretakers of sudden changes to comfort levels in the nursery.

For those seeking a more advanced solution, up to four additional cameras can be supported on the Baby Watch system. Parents can also view up to four cameras on the one screen and record up to 32 gigabytes of footage off multiple cameras simultaneously onto a micro SD card.

Learn more about the Uniden Baby Watch baby monitor range by visiting http://www.uniden.com.au/AUSTRALIA/p_bw3451r_index.asp.

Pricing and availability
Uniden pan and tilt dual baby monitor (BW3451R) RRP $349.95, available now

For customer enquiries: phone Uniden 1300 366 895 or see www.uniden.com.au