Add colour and elegance to your kitchen with the Breville Smart Kettle™ Pure, now available in Black Sesame and Cranberry. Beautifully crafted using SCHOTT glass from Germany, rising bubbles and rolling, boiling water will capture everyone’s attention.

Making tea is steeped in tradition and tea lovers are finding a wide variety of teas more accessible. Breville has combined its innovative variable temperature technology with the natural purity and elegance of glass, to develop the home chef’s latest tool.

The question remains, should all teas be treated equally? Different teas react differently to different temperatures. It is important to steep delicate, young tea leaves such as Green or Oolong at a lower temperature to limit bitter tannins seeping into the beverage.

The Breville Smart Kettle™ Pure makes it easy to perfect each cup. With five temperature settings, it is effortless to achieve the ideal steeping temperature at the touch of a button, and without the need for a thermometer. Other unique features include BPA free materials and a soft opening lid to stagger steam and prevent hot water splash back.

the Smart Kettle™ Pure RRP $169.95 (available with stainless steel, cranberry or black sesame trim)

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