Social media has become a fully-fledged marketing tool if you know how to use it right. It’s an important communications platform that, managed carefully, can deliver significant results for your business.

Whether your team is social-media savvy and just needs a little help with execution, or your company is starting from scratch with social media, we can help.

It starts with executive education where we lay out key statistics regarding social media’s business benefits and opportunities, then show your business leaders how they can use social networking to boost engagement.

It’s also important to conduct a social networking audit and opportunity assessment so you can optimise your social media efforts. This lets you follow a strategic plan when it comes to managing your business’s social media profiles.

The team at Write Away can help you:

  • gain executive buy-in for social media campaigns
  • develop a strategic social media plan that targets your key prospects
  • maximise your investment in social media
  • set up and manage your business’s social media profiles and accounts, including writing executive bios for platforms like LinkedIn, and posts across all platforms.

We start by getting a sense of your organisation’s voice, messages, and aspirations. Then we tailor a plan that leverages the right subject matter for the right platforms. The result is a strong social media presence that helps maintain strong brand awareness and engagement.