By Claire Smith, Account Manager

As communication experts, everyday we are asked for advice on how brands can best engage with external audiences. There’s a myriad of ways to go about it: advertising, direct mail, publicity, promotions, sponsorships, events and of course the current big buzz, social media. The list goes on. While there are many questions, many search for the same answer – how can we best reach customers and influence them.

Write Away often recommends clients consider a multi-disciplinary approach. Using the full suite of weapons in the marketing communication arsenal helps ensure they have the best possible chance of reaching their desired target audience. Naturally there isn’t a one-size fits all approach – there will always be strategies that will be more effective for some brands than others – but one thing we increasingly help with is their online presence.

Why? More customers are shopping online than ever before. In fact, a recent Newspoll survey found that one third of Australians planned on buying Christmas gifts online this year. Estimates from the same survey placed the value of this spend at more than $2 billion. With that much money floating around cyberspace, its important to make it as easy as possible for these ready and willing shoppers to find you.

One simple method is online search engine advertising – and with 95 per cent of Australia’s internet users choosing Google as their preferred search engine, it’s a smart place to start.

About Google Adwords

The theory goes that with online advertising you can reach the right audience, with the right message at the right time…but getting it right requires careful planning.

Picture this simple scenario. You own a flower shop in Sydney, let’s call it ‘Flowers by Melanie’. You have set up a Google Adwords campaign with the view to increasing brand awareness and generating sales. A middle aged woman based in Sydney is looking to have a bouquet delivered to a family member in Melbourne. She logs on to the internet, searches for ‘Sydney florist’ and right at the top of the Google search page she sees your ad:

Sydney Florist
Bouquet delivery nationwide
Free delivery with online orders

With a few clicks, the order is secured and the sale is closed.

Any business can use Google Adwords to promote a product, service or campaign. Well written ads, coupled with highly targeted keywords, will ensure a campaign reaches the right audience. Campaigns can also be set up to target search engine users based on language and location and can be linked to an online checkout and track the number of conversions achieved through the advertising campaign.

Google Adwords uses a bidding system with users paying only when someone clicks on the online ad. With no minimum spend, Google Adwords is an attractive advertising solution and typically results in a significant return on investment. Users have high levels of control over their budgets and have the ability to pause or stop campaigns at any time.

This blog was written by our accredited Google Adwords specialist Claire Smith. For advice on how to help your customers find you online, contact Write Away director Adam Benson on 02 9978 1400.