While many businesses see an increased appetite for goods and services in the lead up to Christmas, often marketing managers scale back campaigns in January.

Pausing, or scaling back, campaigns may mean you’re missing out on potential leads. Marketing throughout the holiday period can help you avoid the January slump and set up growth opportunities for the new year. This means you can get a head start that could put you ahead of your competitors in 2021.

If you’re not convinced that running any marketing activity throughout the summer is effective, here are four reasons that may change your mind:

1. Your marketing might switch off, but your audience does not 

While your clients and prospects may be on annual leave over Christmas, and undoubtedly looking forward to a break from Zoom meetings, this doesn’t mean they will switch off entirely. Many of us are in the habit of frequently checking our phones, particularly social media and, during downtime, audiences will likely still interact on digital platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Remaining in-market across the holiday season helps you reach these prospects who have more free time and available headspace than they do throughout the year. This gives them an opportunity to consider your goods and services for when they need them, and can help your business drive sales even throughout the quieter periods.

2. Generate cut-through in a content-fuelled environment 

With fewer competitors advertising throughout the holiday season, reduced competition means that campaigns over this period can deliver stronger cut-through and a better return on investment. For example, last Christmas, the average cost per click (CPC) for campaigns running on LinkedIn dropped 23 per cent.1

A lower CPC is not only more cost-effective for your business, but also guarantees a higher number of prospects will see your content and advertisements for the same amount of marketing spend.

3. Re-engage those who have previously engaged 

If customers have purchased in the past, then it might be timely to re-engage and drive further value. It’s important to check in and determine whether they need further assistance, ascertain if their needs have changed, or determine if there are any more lead opportunities. It also provides a way to keep in touch with new and existing customers and stay top of mind.

4. Protect your share of voice

When businesses pause their marketing campaigns, competitors fill the void. To regain that lost business and exposure is difficult, as your competitors may have already engaged your audiences, giving them no reason to explore further options. By remaining in-market over the holiday period, you can improve your chances of prospects noticing your content and considering your business when they need your services.

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