With unpredictable lockdowns occurring around the country, putting pressure on the economy, consumer behaviour and spending habits are shifting. Against this backdrop, growing your business during a pandemic can seem out of reach. Like many other industries, construction businesses have felt the pinch of the pandemic with impacted supply chains and general uncertainty.  

Maintaining business growth by adapting to the current environment can be easier said than done.

Ongoing lockdowns and disruption may impact consumer confidence. As the population becomes less mobile, online advertising will grow. Most Australian businesses will increase their use of online paid media over traditional media.1  

Digital marketing isn’t only successful for big corporations with beefy budgets. In fact, digital marketing can work for any-sized business with the right recipe of targeting, messaging, and platforms.  

Construction firms can achieve four key benefits from digital marketing:

1. Support for the sales team with a stronger online presence 

A quality online presence lets you build awareness and improve your reputation. With a strong online presence, customers who don’t yet know you exist can more easily discover you, especially when they are searching for the products or services you offer. If you have a strong online presence, people can discover, learn, engage, and reach out to you no matter where they sit on the buyer journey or what device they are using. 

2. Target specific audiences with customised communication 

Digital marketing lets you cast a much smaller net than traditional marketing, weeding out the audiences that are not interested in your product, and may never be. By only advertising to those most likely to convert, you will cull unnecessary spend to reach only potential customers and increase conversions. 

This also gives you the chance to segment your audience and serve them customised messages, depending on where they are in their customer journey and other demographic factors. As you increase conversions, most search engines will take this into account as a ranking factor, meaning search engines may show your ad or organic content at either a cheaper cost or no cost at all.

3. Consolidate reporting and customer insights for faster analysis 

Digital marketing isn’t just about bringing in quality leads and lifting brand presence. It can also give you valuable insights about your customers. 

Having monthly reports with fine detail on your marketing efforts that drills down into actionable insights can give you the power to explore even deeper to understand your audience. With this information, you can avoid wasting resources on campaigns that don’t work, and focus on what does work to both save budget and deliver effective, hyper-targeted marketing. Having insights available in a digestible report will translate to other business activities too, so you can make better business-wide decisions, quicker. 

4. Turn programs on and off according to business climate and marketing needs 

The beauty of digital marketing is that you’re in control. You choose the budgets, and you make the calls on what’s best for your customers and your business.

If a campaign just isn’t hitting the mark or the business climate changes, you can turn off marketing campaigns, literally at the flick of a switch. If you have a market or audience segment you want to focus on, you can adjust budgets to spend more in a certain segment or location. This means you can respond to an evolving environment quickly, change direction in your own marketing strategy, or hit pause completely to readjust.  

Succeeding in a challenging market isn’t easy, but throw a pandemic in the mix and you may find your business more challenged than usual. Digital marketing can help you keep a consistent brand presence, target new audiences, and maintain business growth even when times are tough.  

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