Journalists are now busier than ever, often working on multiple publications across different media platforms. They have little time in their day to trek around the city attending events and product briefings.

In-house briefings held at publishing houses can be one way to circumvent this. In Sydney, many consumer publications are owned by one of three major publishing houses: ACP Magazines, NewsLife Media or Pacific Magazines. So with just three in-house briefings you can potentially reach more than 100 publications including: lifestyle, home, food, fashion and beauty, health, women’s interest, men’s interest, trade, parenting and sport.

What to expect
At each major publishing house there are meeting rooms available for in-house PR briefings. These rooms are usually fitted with the standard table, chairs and power access. There is usually a small kitchenette attached or nearby that can be helpful for preparing catering or when demonstrating food related products.

There are many benefits to taking your spokespeople and products to a publishing house:

  • In-house briefings are cost effective. There is usually no room hire or other big costs associated with dedicated event venues.
  • You can usually expect higher attendance rates by journalists as you’re making your product briefing convenient, quick and easily accessible.
  • The informal and intimate setting encourages dialogue, questions and a better understanding of the product.
  • They provide the opportunity to invite multiple publications and showcase multiple products.
  • Journalists really appreciate the effort to make their life a little easier and, in return, you gain personal contact with increasingly time-poor media.


  • Consider the audience of each publication and create a presentation that speaks to all attendees.
  • Keep it short and to the point. You’ll usually only be able to book the room for a couple of hours which includes bumping in and out.
  • Send a formal invitation and reminders to attend to all relevant media at the publishing house.
  • Take note of all requests and follow up personally with journalists after the event
  • Make sure the topic is relevant for an in-house briefing – if it’s a basic concept, a different form of communication may be more appropriate.
  • Where possible, get the journalists involved – let them try the products out for themselves.

To find out more about setting up and running a successful publishing house tour contact Simone Esamie or Jody Hammond on 02 9978 1400.