Cooler months are a good time to review a home’s security weaknesses, with people often returning to homes when it’s already dark. Aside from exterior lighting, maintained landscaping and other practical changes to make the home more visible from the street, smart security solutions can contribute to a safer home at all hours of the day. A leader in DIY home security, Uniden Australia offers homeowners tips on what to consider when choosing a surveillance system to help create a safer home environment around-the-clock.

The ideal system should be simple to install and use, and offer lots of practical features. In addition to monitoring the home, Uniden’s app-enabled Smart Home Control series includes magnetic sensors for doors and windows that notify users when entry is forced. It also has indoor sirens compatible with Uniden’s existing range of AppCam indoor and weatherproof outdoor HD cameras, making it a versatile solution for any household.

As smartphone and tablet devices continue to dominate households and workplaces, a DIY surveillance system offering app capabilities is advantageous. Used in conjunction with the Smart Home Control range, Uniden’s Guardian Home app for iOS and Android smart devices provides homeowners with greater flexibility and control. It gives remote access with the ability to monitor footage in real-time, manoeuvre camera movements and even set off sirens to deter intruders. When sensors or sirens are triggered, notifications are sent to the Guardian Home app and an assigned e-mail address. There’s even an option to set-up multiple scenarios to suit preferences. For example, create automated settings to begin recording on cameras and set off sirens when unauthorised entry is detected from sensors connected along balcony doors and windows.

Consider passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors. Uniden’s Smart Home Control series has PIR sensors that detect movement in ‘blind spot’ areas not covered by cameras or door and window sensors – like a driveway or backdoor. Other practical inclusions, like a key remote control, can arm and disarm the home as well as begin filming on cameras connected to the home security system.

Other general tips
• Consider your home’s design and plan the spaces that you would like to monitor – inside and out.
• Heading out for the evening? Switch on lights and a radio or television to create the impression that people are home.
• For extended trips, arrange for a trusted friend, relative or neighbour to housesit or regularly visit home to collect mail and deliveries, as well as mow the lawn.
• Install sensor lights to keep entry points visible at night.
• As with any new Wi-Fi enabled product, always change the password for security access. A strong password should have at least eight characters in an alphanumeric format, preferably with one upper case and one lower case letter.

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