For Australians whose work-life takes them on the road for long stretches, all that matters is having access to reliable communication.

A global leader in innovative communication tools, Uniden has launched a new range of radios and accessories ideal for long distance truck drivers, often travelling through remote locations. The new range offers reliable performance and is designed to be a must-have for truck drivers. Built rugged for the harsh Australian elements, the new five watt UH5050 and four watt PRO5050 AM CB mobile radios easily fit within standard DIN slots, for quick and easy mounting inside the vehicle.

UH5050 CB mobile radio
The UH5050 CB mobile radio offers users high performance when it comes to keeping in contact with others while on the road. The UH5050 provides access to up to 80 channels and connectivity to up to 60 programmable RX channels for storing favourite listening frequencies (between 400-520mHz).

Continuous tone coded squelch system and digital coded squelch block out unwanted conversations for crystal clear dialogue. Other practical features delivering an enhanced listening experience include a front mounted speaker for optimal sound clarity and volume. A built-in Automatic Volume Stabiliser (AVS) detects narrowband and wideband transmissions, automatically adjusting incoming audio to comparable levels.

Range extender (duplex) capability allows the UH5050 to operate using a local repeater station to retransmit signals over a wider area. Dual watch operation allows drivers to monitor a priority channel for activity and another channel simultaneously. This model also has busy channel lock-out which disables the transmitter while activity is detected on the channel.

PRO5050 AM CB mobile radio
While UHF frequency remains as one of the most popular ways to communicate, a number of truckies still opt for AM CB mobile radios which operate on AM frequencies.

Key features on the new PRO5050 AM CB mobile radio include access to up to 40 AM channels. A large LCD display shows the current channel in use while an auto noise limiter and noise blanker reduces unwanted noise for better reception.

Available on both models, call tone function lets drivers easily choose from one of five wake-up tones to initiate a transmission. Other standard features across both radios include a large LCD display with two colour LCD/keypad backlit options for clear visibility. Instant channel programming and recall lets users program any channel as the instant priority channel and recall it at the touch of a button via the microphone. The radios also feature a signal strength and RF power (S/RF) meter.


  • UH5050 CB mobile radio, RRP $299.95, available now
  • PRO5050 AM CB mobile radio, RRP $299.95, available now

In addition to the new UH5050 CB mobile radio and the PRO5050 AM CB mobile radio, Uniden has expanded its line-up of UHF antennas and mounting brackets. Suitable for use in the rugged Australian outback, and with a wide selection of accessories, there is a tailored ideal for a variety of vehicles.

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