Podcasts have exploded in popularity in recent years, with people tuning in to hear experts discuss all manner of subjects. Podcasts are popular with listeners because they’re free and easy to access, offer varied and regular content, and let listeners engage on their own terms and in their own time. Flexibility and accessibility makes podcasts a good vehicle for organisations looking to connect with a target audience.  

Podcasts are currently largely underutilised as a public relations and marketing tool. However, they are part of the media mix for many organisations looking to tell their story and establish authority.  

Here are four characteristics that demonstrate the potential of podcasts: 

1. Podcasts are engaging, accessible, and convenient 

Podcasts are available across all media devices. Since the content is all audio-based, listeners aren’t limited by their activity, letting them listen while at the gym, at work, going for a walk, during their commute, or even at the grocery store (as is the increasingly popular Clubhouse app).  

2. Podcasts generate loyalists 

With millions of podcasts available around the world, audiences can select podcasts that best cater to their interests and may engage throughout the series, listening regularly. A good podcast can generate strong word of mouth, engaging a new wave of listeners and giving organisations a greater reason to connect.  

3. Podcasts have a purpose 

Good podcasts are structured around a guiding theme, with episodes typically including a specific discussion topic based on that theme. This means organisations can target audiences effectively, avoiding expensive and scattershot mass communication approaches,  connecting with the right audience for their content.  

4. Podcasts show a human side to the organisation 

Voices carry emotion and personality, uniquely enriching a message or conversation topic. The nature of podcasts is such that your host and guest speakers can tell stories and resonate with your target audience as humans. This is a powerful way to supplement other, written content and put a human touch to the organisation’s message.  

If podcasting is not yet on your PR campaign tool kit, it may be time to consider how you can use podcasts to your advantage. The Recognition Group can help. Our team comprises tech-savvy professionals who can actively secure opportunities as guest speakers on behalf of your organisation or even create in-house original podcast content to promote your business. 

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