As the temperature rises and falls, ensure the outdoor furniture is prepped and ready for entertaining and relaxing all year round. Leading furniture designer, King Living offers the following care tips on keeping the outdoor setting looking newer for longer.

General positioning and cleaning
Constant exposure to the weather makes regular cleaning essential. Avoid using detergents, harsh chemicals or general cleaning products on the outdoor setting, and choose soft, less abrasive cloths and brushes to prevent scratching or further damage.

King Living recommends positioning furniture where there is shade for parts of the day to limit full exposure to direct sunlight. This will also make it a more comfortable area to lounge on high temperature days. Plants, sun umbrellas and more structural awnings are effective ways to create a protected outdoor zone. Consider storing outdoor settings or using a weather cover when furniture is not in use for extended periods of time, to prevent fading and sun damage.

Fabric and rattan/wicker cleaning
Before cleaning outdoor furniture, remove all surface dirt and dust with a soft brush or vacuum attachment. Dampen the fabric or surface with a soft spray of water and gently brush on a mild solution of soap and warm water. After two to three minutes, rinse with clean water and wipe over with a soft dye-free cloth or towel and allow to dry in open air.

For a long lasting outdoor setting, look for fabrics containing UV stabilisers, which will resist fading from sunlight and allow water to run off the surface to prevent soaking through fibres. Materials that are coloured all the way through, rather than painted on the surface, will remain vibrant for longer and wear better.

Frames and fittings to look out for
The best outdoor furniture is completely constructed using marine grade materials, which can withstand temperature fluctuations, salt water, wind and rain and offers superior corrosion resistance. Waterproof cushion covers, vents in seating and meshed storage areas also help to release water from rain and poolside splashes to help prevent mould and mildew.

King Living has a wide range of designs to suit any outdoor area – from urban balconies to suburban decks and courtyards.