Most business owners will tell you they never switch off.[1] Whether theirs is a multinational corporation or a small start-up, founders tend to live and breathe their brand. It’s their dream, their passion, and their livelihood all rolled into one. So the decision to rebrand is a huge one.

How to decide whether it’s time to rebrand

Rebrands happen for a variety of reasons and it’s important to understand your motivation for rebranding before embarking on such an important project.

For example, your goals or core offering may have changed direction, or you might be merging with another brand and thus find yourself with the daunting task of forging two identities into one. Or, it may just be as simple as wanting to update the brand to foster a stronger connection with your target market.

The importance of consistency

Whatever the key motivation driving the rebrand, the most important outcome is consistency. Everything from the logo and tagline to your brochure and communications collateral needs to align to deliver key messages to the right audience.

You need to make sure that no customer is ever in any doubt about your brand, who you are, and what you stand for. You need to communicate in a single voice across every touchpoint, including your website, e-commerce, advertising, marketing, social media, business cards, brochures, signage, media coverage, and even your internal communications.

This is a big job that spans different disciplines, from communications strategy, content development and design to digital expertise and marketing. Choosing the right partner is crucial to success; so how do you know if you’ve made the right choice?

Your best option is an integrated PR agency that works across a variety of disciplines including marketing, design, and digital.

Why you need a single, integrated PR agency to help you rebrand

Working with a single, integrated PR agency to manage your rebrand is the low-risk, high-return approach for one crucial reason: farming out jobs to different providers means your messaging may be similar, but it will never have the synergy it would if your brand was entrusted to a single agency. Managing a separate graphic designer, copywriter, digital and marketing specialist, printer, and more just creates complexity that can threaten the success of your rebrand.

The agency you choose should have an in-house graphic designer, copywriter, digital and marketing specialist, and project manager to bring it all together.

Rebranding success with Allura Homes

At Write Away, we recently completed an entire rebrand for Allura Homes. Our skilled in-house design team worked with our copywriting team, digital team, marketing experts, and project manager to develop and execute the concept. The result was a clear, consistent message that resonated strongly with Allura’s key audience.

Our digital team maximised Allura’s online presence and SEO.

With consistent communication and cross-collaboration between all departments, we successfully rebranded Allura into the company it had become but hadn’t yet conveyed.

The benefits of working with one agency

By using a multi-faceted agency like Write Away, Allura Homes achieved complete synergy between all aspects of its brand.

It also made life much easier for the business owner. Rather than dealing with several different companies and meeting with all of them countless times, the Allura team had one highly-experienced account director as their key contact, who oversaw the entire rebranding project.

It was the account director’s responsibility to brief the design, marketing and digital departments, and communicate all requirements and feedback to them.

It’s one company, one contact and, most importantly, one consistent image for the brand.

From here, the agency is ideally positioned to help with the brand’s ongoing PR and communication strategy. PR experts are specialists in telling a brand’s story to the right people, which is critical to a successful relaunch. And importantly, they now know the brand nearly as well as the owner does, having helped reimagine it. At Write Away, we live and breathe the brand now too; making sure its stories are told and that the business connects with the right people.