With distinctly different flavour profiles, the latest yogurts from EasiYo add a touch of gourmet to everyday. The iconic New Zealand brand has extended its product line-up with the release of Pear, and Lemon and Ginger with Bits yogurt flavours.

Like all EasiYo yogurts, Pear, and Lemon and Ginger with Bits yogurt flavours are made from whole and skim milk sourced from New Zealand cows with the added goodness of billions of live cultures.

The new Pear yogurt joins EasiYo’s everyday range of popular flavours the entire household can enjoy. While there’s a hint of sweetness, it’s the autumn fruit that takes the limelight. Made with natural, ripened pears, its subtle taste profile makes it enjoyable in isolation or as part of a parfait.

Offering a touch of decadence, those with a sophisticated palate will welcome the new premium Lemon and Ginger with Bits yogurt. The unexpected bursts of ginger combined with the smooth citrus flavour make the Lemon and Ginger with Bits yogurt a delicious treat at any time of day.

According to an independent survey commissioned by EasiYo, 96 per cent of Australian dietitians recommend yogurt as a healthy snack largely for its source of probiotics, protein and calcium. Naturally, these beneficial live cultures, such as acidophilus, are at their highest count as soon as yogurt is made. Homemade yogurt also comes with a wealth of other added benefits including less artificial ingredients, additives and stabilisers, which are often found in store-bought, refrigerated varieties of yogurt.

EasiYo yogurt is thick and delicious. The secret is in its ability to keep the fermentation process consistent. To enhance this process and maintain the right temperature during the developing phase, a layer of New Zealand wool has been inserted within the walls of the yogurt maker, helping to ensure a consistent yogurt each time.

EasiYo is delicious, nutritious, vegetarian and gluten-free. It is also effortless to make. Simply mix an EasiYo yogurt sachet with water, shake, then pour boiling water into the maker, up to the fill line, insert the jar in the maker and leave to set for 8-12 hours. The result is the freshest, tastiest yogurt – made by you.

The new EasiYo Pear and Lemon with Ginger flavours are available exclusively online through Australian Natural Care or can be ordered directly from EasiYo.com.

EasiYo Pear, and Lemon and Ginger with Bits flavours are available in 1kg yogurt sachets, each RRP $4.50.

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