Public relations companies help clients build and protect their reputation. They know the communications craft and can help steer clients through the minefield of public attention, using innovative strategies to get clients noticed through owned, earned, and paid communications. In the current environment PR and marketing overlap, requiring integrated approaches to drive awareness and sales. 

A public relations company will generally anticipate, analyse and read public sentiment affecting both the company and its environment to determine the communications strategy and messages.  

If you’re wondering what a PR company does, you’re not alone. Here’s a top line list of just some of the services a PR company can provide: 

Media relationsThis involves working with journalists across various media outlets. Your PR company works with you, and relevant media to help create newsworthy stories. Instead of advertorial content, which is paid for, the goal is to secure editorial coverage, which isn’t paid for. This makes it more compelling and credible for readers. PR consultants will use many tools to achieve media coverage such as proactive media pitching and writing press releases, pitching, speechwriting, event planning, and networking. 

Media training: Getting positive media coverage takes more than just a well-placed media release. You need spokespeople who are savvy, confident, and possess a deep understanding of how the media works and how to make the most of any journalist interaction. This kind of experience is not developed overnight. It requires professional training and development by media experts at your PR company.    

Brand management: PR companies can help maintain your brand’s reputation in the public sphere and help when negative events occur such as an internal scandal, product or service recall or customer issue. This is when media training is especially important for spokespersons within the company. 

Social media content: PR agencies can create and implement social media strategies along with content to post on channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Content such as polls, images, sales promotion, webinars, whitepapers, and blogs can help communicate with audiences. Without considered content developed by an expert, it will be hard to create engagement, promote your goods or services and generate website clicks.  

Social media management: Your social media platform can help you connect with your customers but it can also be a source of controversy. In most cases, it’s used as a point of contact for customers who wish to leave a compliment, ask a question or resolve a complaint. It is important to be responsive on social media so your organisation can actively direct discussions. A PR company can help by crafting responses with the right messaging to ensure clear communication between customers and the business. 

Website content: PR companies can look after their clients’ online presence by building websites (if they have a digital creative team), develop the content for the site including blogs or videos, optimise websites, and set up digital widgets and tools such as web forms or live chat systems. 

Internal communications: PR companies help their clients to communicate internally with the company’s employees. This could include anything from regular company updates to communicating about major changes in the organisation. It is surprising how many companies need to improve their internal communications, and PR agencies can identify bottlenecks and improve processes. 

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