When you say public relations, most people think of media relations. And that’s one part of the job, but there are a lot of other parts to what a public relations company does.

PR agencies help their clients build and protect their reputation. They know the communications industry and can help steer clients through the minefield of public attention. Their job is to come up with innovative ideas to get their clients noticed.

Here is a breakdown of the services a public relations company can offer:

Media relations

The main job of the PR company when it comes to media relations is to translate what their client offers into positive, newsworthy stories. The agency aims to promote products and/or experts by getting coverage on TV, on the radio, in magazines, in newspapers, and online. This is different from paid advertising as the coverage is free of charge, and written by a journalist, as opposed to the client themselves. The work of a PR consultant in the media realm can include writing press releases and pitches, speech writing, event planning, and networking.

Media training

PR companies arrange for experts or spokespeople to be interviewed on topics related to their product to gain press coverage. To help the speaker be clear, concise, and get their message across, the public relations company might provide them with media training. Media training can involve improving the client’s confidence with public speaking, teaching them about body language and tone of voice, and developing responses for difficult questions.

Digital communications

PR companies look after their client’s online presence, including developing content, optimising websites, managing social media, and managing advertising campaigns.

Internal communications

PR companies help their clients to communicate internally with the company’s employees. This could include anything from regular company updates to communicating about major changes in the organisation.

Financial relations

PR companies help their clients to communicate with investors and shareholders. The agency keeps investors up to data on company performance and news, and can also help companies communicate financial opportunities to potential investors.

Government relations

Companies use PR agencies to help effect change in government policy and challenge decision-makers to think differently. PR companies help oraganisations communicate their ideas to inform government policy.

Crisis communications

PR companies can help businesses navigate the potential communications minefield that occurs when organisations come across issues or negative media coverage.

Social media management

PR companies can manage a client’s brand across social channels. This includes writing and posting content, and responding to positive or negative comments to build engagement. PR agencies can also offer training so employees know how to best represent the brand online.

C-suite support

PR companies can help executives build their reputations as thought leaders and experts in their fields. They do this with a combination of media training, media relations, and digital profile-building. PR companies often provide regular council to senior executives on communications matters that may impact the overall performance of the organisation.

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