By Simone Esamie, Account Director

On Saturday, May 4, 2200 people gathered in the Sydney Opera House to listen to ideas. Thousands more tuned in to the live stream, attended satellite screening events or followed the social media conversations. Such is the thirst for new ideas and finding new ways of thinking.

The event was, of course, TEDxSydney 2013 whose mission is to propagate ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’. While many notable thought leaders were among the speakers, so too were lesser known Australians with something to say. This community approach to ideas generation is something all businesses, particularly in the marketing sphere, should welcome. 

In PR, advertising and other marketing related agencies, it’s second nature to go to the known ‘creatives’ to come up with new ideas – be it a tagline, campaign strategy or creative hook. Yet are the truly original ideas or new ways of thinking hiding in a completely different part of the business? Should we be welcoming a different mix of people to the creative table? 

Brands also need to think twice about who their ‘go to’ agency is for fresh ideas. Collaboration can feed ideas, which can then be tailored and executed by the specialists in each discipline. For example, a recent survey developed by Write Away on behalf of our client ADT Security, found that 22 per cent of break-ins occur when a family member is at home. This key finding drives the ‘creative’ behind ADT’s new ‘Keep the monsters out’ advertising campaign across TV, radio, online and direct mail. By sharing ideas between agencies, synergies and bigger ideas can develop.

If we take the TEDx example, and with consideration to whatever the challenge we’re trying to solve, every business that invites the input of staff across all ages, disciplines and backgrounds may just hit upon something that talks to the wider community, which as communicators is exactly what we want.